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Quint (Jaws / Spanish Ladies) T-shirt

Robert Shaw is Quint - Spanish Ladies

Quint is the gritty fictional character in Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation, Jaws (1975). A professional shark hunter, Quint, captained his charter boat the Orca and was hired by Chief Brody and ichthyologist, Hooper to catch a great white in the local waters of Amity Island.

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Quint - Jaws

2 thoughts on “Quint (Jaws / Spanish Ladies) T-shirt

  1. I would love to order a white T-shirt with this design…I’m a life long lover of this film with many artistic references to this movie around my house…how much for an Xl please.??

    1. An XL T-shirt is $28 (Canadian dollar) – when you select a shirt color and size, a price will be displayed. You will need to go through a checkout to see your shipping cost after you enter your country destination. Thanks!

      This is the link to the Quint T-shirt:

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