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Harakiri T-shirt and sweatshirt

Harakiri (1962 film)

“Harakiri,” directed by Masaki Kobayashi in 1962, is a tour de force of Japanese cinema that delves deep into the hypocrisy and brutality of the samurai code. Through stunning cinematography and a masterful narrative, it tells the harrowing story of Tsugumo Hanshirō, a ronin who challenges the samurai establishment with his tragic tale of honor and revenge. Tatsuya Nakadai’s performance as Hanshirō is both compelling and haunting, anchoring a film that is as visually striking as it is thematically profound. “Harakiri” is not just a samurai film; it’s a powerful critique of tradition and authority, making it a timeless classic that resonates with audiences even today.

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Harakiri T-shirt

See all of the Harakiri sweatshirt colors and sizes

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Harakiri sweatshirt

Harakiri framed poster

Harakiri framed poster
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