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King Eagle T-shirt and sweatshirt

King Eagle (1971 film)

In Chang Cheh’s martial arts masterpiece “King Eagle,” the dynamic duo of Ti Lung and Li Ching showcase their remarkable talents amidst a backdrop of breathtaking action sequences and intricate storytelling. Released in 1971 by Shaw Brothers Studio, this film exemplifies Cheh’s signature style, characterized by its stunning visuals and intense fight choreography. Ti Lung’s portrayal of a skilled martial artist seeking vengeance is both compelling and nuanced, while Li Ching’s performance adds depth and emotion to the narrative. “King Eagle” stands as a testament to Cheh’s unparalleled influence on the kung fu genre, captivating audiences with its thrilling battles and timeless themes of honor and redemption

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King Eagle T-shirt

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King Eagle sweatshirt

King Eagle framed poster

King Eagle framed poster
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