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The One-Armed Swordsman (1967 film) T-shirt and sweatshirt

The One-Armed Swordsman (1967 film)

Alright, listen up, fellow kung fu enthusiasts! We’re diving into the world of epicness with the 1967 gem, “The One-Armed Swordsman,” directed by the maestro Chang Cheh and starring the legendary Jimmy Wang Yu. Picture this: a tale of honor, betrayal, and jaw-dropping sword skills. Yu plays a dude who, after losing an arm (ouch!), hones his chops to become a martial arts marvel. This flick kicks serious butt and sets the bar for one-armed heroes everywhere. Get ready for some serious sword-swinging action and a masterclass in kicking bad-guy butt!

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The One-Armed Swordsman T-shirt

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The One-Armed Swordsman sweatshirt
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