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Planet of Dinosaurs T-shirt and sweatshirt

Planet of Dinosaurs (1977 film)

In the groovy galaxy of ’77, “Planet of Dinosaurs” was THE rad ticket to space-saurian madness! Picture this: a spaceship zips off on a cosmic vacay but oopsie-daisy, crash landing alert! Suddenly, the crew’s on a Jurassic jaunt, dealing with dino pals and, yep, some not-so-friendly scale-monsters. It’s like Robinson Crusoe meets T-Rex, with our cool cats battling for survival against roars and razor-sharp teeth. Strap in for a dino-mite adventure as they navigate this wild planet, dodging claws, and trying not to become T-Rex snacks! Directed by James K. Shea.

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Planet of Dinosaurs T-shirt

See all of the Planet of Dinosaurs sweatshirt colors and sizes

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Planet of Dinosaurs sweatshirt
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