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Colt (Chuck Norris) T-shirt and sweatshirt

Colt (Chuck Norris)

In the 1972 cult classic Kung Fu film “The Way of the Dragon,” Chuck Norris portrays the unforgettable character Colt. This legendary martial artist finds himself entangled in an epic battle against Bruce Lee’s character, Tang Lung, within the historic Colosseum in Rome. The clash between their distinct fighting styles captivates audiences and has become an iconic moment in cinema history.

Donning our Colt graphic T-shirt and sweatshirt allows you to relive the electrifying battle at the Colosseum and showcase your admiration for these martial arts icons. Grab yours today and make a statement that embodies the spirit of “The Way of the Dragon.” Unleash your inner martial artist and embrace the legendary legacy of Colt!

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Colt (Chuck Norris) T-shirt

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Colt (Chuck Norris) sweatshirt
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